Our experience with Mel as our doula was exceptional. After having a somewhat difficult first labour, I was so glad to have Mel’s support before, during and after labour with our second child. My partner and I felt a connection with her right from the beginning and loved her positive energy and commitment to ensuring that our birthing experience would be exactly what we wanted it to be.

Her intuition and good communication skills helped us figure out what type of experience we were looking for, and during labour, made it possible for me to get across my needs and be understood without having to overtly state them. She was exceptional at being able to gauge my energy and needs and the support she provided was always spot-on. Even before going into labour, Mel was always there to answer questions and help quell any anxieties that came up. I had an extremely positive birthing experience this time around and I attribute much of that to the friendship and support that Mel provided us with.

Mel immediately put me at ease. I was nervous about having someone I didn’t know previously be a part of such an intimate experience, but her kind and accepting nature as well as her openness made me realize that I could be completely myself without having to hold anything back. I also loved her ability to intuitively understand my needs. This meant that she knew when to provide more support but also when to let me partner take more of a leading role.

I would absolutely recommend Mel’s services. Because I had had a difficult first birth, I came to my second with some lingering fears and anxieties. Mel helped me conquer these in the lead-up to and during labour by offering encouragement and by helping to get me into a rhythm so that I could just focus on getting through each contraction. After I gave birth, Mel’s postpartum visits were super helpful and allowed me to rest and later on, gave me an opportunity to tackle some pending “to-do’s” while she looked after our baby. Even though I was a second-time mom and had been through pregnancy, labour, and the postpartum period before, I felt so much more prepared and supported this time around and could not have asked for a more positive birthing experience.

– Katie H. & Loïc B.
Summer 2018