Hiring Mel was probably one of the best decisions and investments we made in support of the birth of our first child. We found out about the pregnancy after we were already past the first trimester, and were more than a tad overwhelmed with all the variables and the decisions that go along with birth. We appreciated that Mel offered to meet us before we committed to make sure we were the right fit – we definitely were.

Mel was incredibly supportive, kind, and was truly there for us every step of the way, including when our son decided to arrive nearly four weeks early.

At the birth itself, Mel was instrumental in providing hands-on and behind the scenes support and encouragement to both of us in different ways. She was able to talk us through the suggestions from hospital staff, decisions to be made, ensured I was as comfortable as possible, and gave me the confidence to keep going when I thought I couldn’t. I had a natural hospital birth, which still to this day blows my mind. I give a lot of credit to the physical pain management techniques and mental and emotional encouragement and support Mel was able to provide.

Her prenatal and postpartum visits were also perfectly in tune with our needs at those specific moments and her thoughtful and caring approach helped us transition into the role of new parents more comfortably.

Being a doula is truly her calling – she knows what to do and say at just the right times and was able to interpret our needs without us having to find the words. Mel was the first friend our son made when he arrived and that will always be a special bond. Thank you, Mel, for your role in creating such a positive birth experience!

– Kevin O. & Catherine M.
Spring 2019