• Free of charge initial meeting
  • Three prenatal visits (2-3 hours each)
    • these visits will really allow us the time to get to know each other well, and I’ll have a good understanding of the way you see your birth unfolding
    • we’ll discuss your birthing preferences and write out a birth plan if you want one
    • review various comfort measures and different options that may be available at different birthing facilities (hospital, birthing centre, home birth)
    • help your partner feel confident they have the tools to help support you through the birth
      (with this package we’ll have lots of time to pratice different physical & emotional ways to do that)
    • review the basics of childbirth and answer any of your questions leading up to the big day
  • Complete on-call support throughout your pregnancy + the first month postpartum (call, text, or email)
  • Dedicated emotional & physical support through your labour & birth
    • from the moment you call me to come to your house, or meet you at your birthing location, through to the first 2-3 hours after birth. I will be there from start to finish ♥
  • Three postpartum visits (2-3 hours each)
    • at our first visit (around 2-3 days pp) we’ll discuss your labour & birth experience, go over basic newborn care, breastfeeding support should you choose to breastfeed, and we’ll review some local resources should you need them
    • our second & third visits (around 2 & 3 weeks pp) will be much more focused on whatever things you’d specifically like to do or review; could be feeding related, or maybe you’re not quite sure how to use the new baby carrier, or maybe you just need some time to take a shower and drink a hot cup of coffee.. whatever it is, we’ll figure it out.

Once you book me as your Doula an initial deposit of 15% of the plan you choose is due. From there, the remaining amount can be paid in installments, all at once, however works best for you.. so long as you’ve paid in full by your 37 week date.

* I currently accept payment via cash, cheque, or secure money e-transfer.